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portrait of Craig Preston Roberts photographer





Hi there,

So while I'd rather let the images do the talking .... I'm a Kiwi, from small town New Zealand, and I do mean small,Kawhia - the burial place of the Tainui waka (a 14th-century ancestral canoe)..... until I was 10 yrs old my school had 53 kids, about 80% of the elders had full face tattoos, many only spoke Maori and I spent my weekends running around the local Maketu Marae ( tribal meeting house), dressed traditionally learning and performing  the tribal songs and dances.  It holds a magical place in my heart and I visit each time I return to New Zealand.

While I'd like to say I got into Photography because of some artistic urge I could not resist, truth is the first course at my school began when I was 14yrs old,  I thought 'this is a great way for me to skive off ', who would know if there was film in my camera while aimlessly wandering around, mostly looking for secluded places to smoke,  locked in a darkroom no one could enter, and .... I could smoke with an extractor clearing out the evidence!
Well many cigarettes did go down, but I cannot deny that course and a Zenit 35mm camera with 50mm lens had me hooked ( film or no film), I just knew this was for life. I don't recall my family ever having a camera, which i think added to the magic of documenting life.
First I shot music , friends were in bands, I shot everything that moved for that matter - if I could afford the film . Gradually I ended up travelling and working in fashion/advertising , going everywhere possible, I've lived and worked in Japan, Korea, Thailand, South Africa, France, Italy, Germany, New York to name a few.
Somehow London got its grip on me.. 

Oh and I am ruled by this little dude.. who I am training to be my second shooter....

These days I still shoot everything with a heart beat, I love people, portraiture, fashion, the streets, life... Weddings have become an obsession, I get to 'marry' all these styles together to create your story.... 


Hello, I'm an East London based documentary wedding photographer.... isn't that a mouthful!
Put more simply, I get involved, submerge into your day, almost become a guest, I'd rather not take up your time trying to line everyone up for group shots, I know we have to do a few, but I'm at my best when left to roam free. To capture things naturally, as they happen. My aim is to tell your story with as little directing as possible, to capture those 
laughs, the crying, the intimacy as it happens. And not just of you, but your guests as well.
This is such a large day in your life, you'll miss so much, my aim is to document those moments for you, all of them, to capture a story that will trigger memories and make you laugh in years to come.
If that sounds like something you are after, please scroll down, send an email, call, text, let's chat about your vision for the day, I'd love to get involved.
I'm also a travel addict, am available all over the U.K ... and the rest of the planet for that matter!

 Freemantle International Portrait prize

 Finalist 2013

 Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize

 Finalist 2013



 Rest easy, Policy Bee has me covered.

Proud to be are part of this amazing group of photographers.


Nikon,nikon,nikon.... since the days of film photography, love them.

 Lighting by Godox.

Phone & Location


London, United Kingdom.


Thanks for submitting!

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